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Williwaw Ring

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This inlaid men’s ring is a tungsten comfort core band made on the lathe with koa wood and crushed blue opal and is ready to ship in a size 11 but can be custom made in any whole or half size.

Koa wood is special because of three primary reasons, its beauty, rarity, and symbolic meaning. The beauty of Koa is rooted in its unique grain patterns and a variety of colors. It only grows in Hawaii and has played a significant role in ancient Hawaiian history. Koa is legendary to the native population of Hawaii. It is part of the Hawaiian heritage, revered and sacred to some. Koa played an important part of life for the ancient Hawaiians. From the calabash (bowl) to warrior weapons, Koa is a cherished resource.

Today, the availability of Koa wood is limited, there are few private lands with the stock of old-growth Koa trees and harvesting wood from public land is illegal. In addition, the characteristics that make Koa valuable requires a mature tree. It can take over 50 years or more before the tree can produce the grain and curl patterns for which Koa wood is known. Therefore sources and availability for quality Koa wood are narrow and finite. This wood has been sourced and bought ethically through a certified dealer.