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Permanent Jewelry Information

Meet your new favorite everyday jewelry!


 Mystic Visions’ permanent jewelry brings a new experience to events. This new addition to our line is where you pick your chain, gold filled or sterling silver, and we “weld” on your chain as an anklet, bracelet, or necklace. The process is easy and fun- treat your mom, sister or friend to a matching bracelet to symbolize your forever bond or book a party for a special event.


Frequently Asked 

What options do you have? How much does it cost?

Mystic Visions currently offers both sterling silver and 14k gold filled chain options. We offer bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Pricing is as follows:

Sterling Silver Bracelet: $50

Sterling Silver Anklet: $60

Sterling Silver Necklace: $80

Gold Filled Bracelet: $60

Gold Filled Anklet: $70

Gold Filled Necklace: $90


Can I schedule an appointment?

Yes, we currently take appointments in-person at Hometown Roots Salon located at 1162 Commerce Ave, Longview WA 98632. Follow this link to book an appointment:


What events will you be at?

For an updated schedule of events please visit our social media pages @mysticvisionsjewelry via Instagram or Facebook, or check out the Instagram feed on our home landing page of

What if I want to take my permanent jewelry off? 

Easy! To take your chains off you can simply use cutting shears at home to cut your chain off. If you’d like, you can even mail us your cut chain and we can add a clasp so it isn’t a lost investment. 

What happens if my chain breaks or gets snagged?

Don’t worry! Even though our chain is of the highest quality and strength, things happen and jewelry does have its’ limits. Just keep your chain safely put away and send us a message to figure out the best way to repair it for you. 

Can I take my permanent jewelry through airport security? 

Yes! Permanent jewelry is considered fine jewelry which TSA does not ask you to take off when going through security.

Can my kids getting welded jewelry?

We are more than happy to apply welded chains to children 12 and up with parental consent. Kids younger than 12 can still get a matching bracelet/anklet/necklace with a clasp! 

How can I book a private party with my friends? 

To book a private event please click on the link below that says “Permanent Jewelry Party Request” and fill out an inquiry form. We love adding to your special events and helping you make memories with loved ones!