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About Us

 “Mystic Visions Jewelry was born because crafting something to enhance our inner strength has always been a spiritual experience for me. It allows me to use my two hands to create something that someone else will wear with pride, be empowered by, or use as a reminder of healing and protection. Jewelry represents our inner expression of who we are and what’s important to us. 

    Mystic Visions Jewelry was named after the inspiration I’ve found through my crafting and the journey it's taken me on throughout the years. Each work of art starts with a vision and a deep connection to the materials and the story the jewelry tells. Along the way the spiritual relics, mantras, and antique heirlooms that have spoken to my heart, I’ve given new life by creating wearable history made to help us connect to our spirit, purpose, and to keep us open to what we wish to manifest. 

   We all have angels and guides watching over us leading us to our destiny. These daily reminders and synchronicities teach me to have faith in where I’m going and the people who are brought into my life. Spirituality, as well as some other elements that help us feel protected, is a major driving influence for every creation that comes from my heart to you. Colors used are inspired from the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico in Florida, all the way to the Cascade Mountains and fields of wildflowers in Washington state. All these elements inspire my free-spirited jewelry and truly have shaped me to be the person I am today. I share with you my eclectic inspirations and hope to help you truly express who you are and where you’re going.”


Kayla Moody, Founder of Mystic Visions Jewelry