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Cosmic Turtle Necklace

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This sterling silver 18” tortoise necklace features mountains and bronze moon and stars, honoring the patience, wisdom, and quiet strength of the cosmic turtle. A perfect charm to offer customers who need a spiritual boost, or a reminder of their strength & wisdom, and to just keep swimming. Turtle legends crop in many world cultures, from Indo-China to the Iroquis, from Egypt to Japan. And in every one, turtles are heroes in creation myths, swimming along in the cosmic waters with the world safely on her back. There are many reasons why turtles seem likely picks. They're notorious for living long & peaceful lives, so much so they've come to symbolize the passage of time and ancient wisdom. Turtles are survivors, physically designed for anything life throws their way. And, everyone knows slow & steady wins the race.Taking its time in all endeavors, the turtle is an excellent reminder of how to move through life with purpose. And, then, there's the turtle's strength, an obvious requirement for bearing the world's burdens upon your back.